Sunday, November 27, 2011

Location, location, location

It was a bit like finding out that your child has been put in third grade, when you know she is ready for fourth. 

Yesterday I was in a bookstore that displayed “Mousenet” (8 – 12) in the “Younger Readers” section, the chapter-book territory in which (give or take a genius or two) few kids will be ready for 400 pages and the concepts of climate change. Meanwhile “Secrets at Sea” (also with mice on the cover, also for children 8 – 12 but half the length of "Mousenet") is safely parked in the “Older Readers” section, right next to “Wonderstruck.” Grr. Yes, I had a word with the management. And yes, I’ll check in a few days to see if my book has been promoted.

But that sort of aggravation seems insignificant next to the news percolating out of my brother’s blog from the Congo, where elections are due tomorrow. If the current president wins, expect violent unrest. If the opposition wins, expect violent unrest. Emergency evacuation plans. Emergency supplies of food and water and razor wire in case the evacuation plans don’t work.

Now, there’s a country that could use the Mouse Nation.

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