Friday, November 11, 2011


This is very nice. Called the pharmacist to order up some routine refills and found she's bought two books so when I pick up the meds could I sign the books at the same time? You betcha. Yesterday my daughter and I were in a Barnes and Noble and couldn't find the old mouse. Asked a sales person to lead us to where the books were hiding (under 'New Books,' actually. Duh). She did a lovely double take when I said I didn't want to buy the book because I wrote it (I signed some for her).

Still not too confident about this signing process. What to say? I wrote "Mice rule!" in a few. Oh, and there was one destined for a child who was only a year old, so I wrote (with the permissions of the grandfather) "Don't eat this book."

Maybe something a bit more generally applicable will come to me in my next shower.

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