Sunday, October 28, 2012

Minnie gets busted

Let’s hear it for Minnie Mouse, who chained herself to the railings outside Disney Headquarters. Actually she’s an activist for the Rainforest Action Network in a rather cunning disguise. 

Minnie was protesting the fact that Disney–my publisher– had been using paper from endangered rainforests in Indonesia for its books, possibly including ‘Mousenet.’ And the protest worked!! Disney hadn’t realized where its suppliers were getting their paper until Minnie told them, and from now on they’ll insist that it be from sustainable sources. So ‘Mousemobile’ (due out next fall) will be environmentally respectable.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Headquarters of the Mouse Nation?

I’ve been busy copy-editing Book Two, otherwise known as 'Mousemobile–When a Nation Hits the Road,' due out next fall. 

The head office of the Mouse Nation is not the only organization behind the Great America theme park that has to hit the road, because look what’s coming there–the new stadium for the San Francisco 49ers. 

(Actually the mice have a different reason for leaving, as you'll find out when you BUY THE BOOK. That's an order.)