Saturday, June 23, 2012

Feedback on Mousenet

It’s always wonderful to hear from readers, and I’m delighted to have gathered up some more “likes” recently on Mousenet’s Facebook page. And it’s great when good reviews trickle in on Amazon. One otherwise very favorable review that arrived recently from Texas failed, however, to give the book a perfect score. As the reviewer wrote, “I took off one star because there were a few sections of the book that pushed climate change pretty hard, and I strongly dislike political messages being pushed so overtly in children's books.”

Climate change? Political?

In my view, and that of both the National Academyof Science and the BigCheese, leader of the Mouse Nation, climate change as a result of human activity is a matter of scientific fact. If the subject is ‘political,’ it’s only because certain politicians have chosen to make it so, for whatever reason.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Back to work

Mousemobile went off to the publisher in late April (due now to come out Fall 2013 at the earliest–sorry to those who were hoping for it in summer next year). And I took off for a few weeks away from all things mouse. Specifically, I was on vacation in Britain and then Turkey, which is a relatively mouse-free zone because of the hordes of feral cats that patrol the city streets.

For a few more photos, see “Travels with Feet” on my website at