Saturday, November 5, 2011

Countdown to lift-off

Launch day minus three until the launch party for Mousenet at Kepler's Books. And I'm advising all within the sound of this blog, if you're coming, to get to Kepler's early: I've had about seventy acceptances to the invitations I sent out AND Kepler's is pushing the event themselves, with a big poster hanging from the rafters of the children's section.

Earlier this week my dentist said, "You seem so calm." Well, first, Mr. Dentist. . . Dean . . .your chair is not the best place to jump up and down with excitement and second, the calmness is entirely faked. I am excited to the core, as who could not be?

Oh, and some nice mini-reviews are coming in, dug out of the depths of the  internet. My favorite so far is by a girl who reviews for a blog called Fresh Ink, based in Cambridge, Mass:

Mousenet was a great book about a girl raised by her mother sent to live with her father. Before she left for her dad's house in Oregon, she and her uncle invented The Thumbtop. The Thumbtop was a miniscule computer that fits on the girl, Megan's thumb. Shortly after she leaves for Oregon, she finds a talking mouse! Soon Megan finds herself trying to get a Thumbtop in every mousehole. How does she do it? Read the book to find out! 
Ellen, 9

Thanks, Ellen, age 9. That was great, and I'm not even going to ask how you got an early copy of the book.

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