Monday, July 25, 2011

More on Mousenet

Here’s a little background on Mousenet. Yes, there are talking mice, but the book is not anthropomorphic. It’s science fiction, relating what happened when mice evolved, with a little help from Silicon Valley. When the story begins the Mouse Nation is already out there, a parallel society behind the walls and below the floor, a nation with its own systems of governance and education and justice, its own website and e-mail and social media. If only they had a computer their size. . .

And moi:

Just back from our annual weekend at the Carmel Bach Festival which has a new English director, Paul Goodwin. Anglophilia ran riot with Land of Hope and Glory being played in an outside sing-along, Union Jacks flying, a thundering performance of Zadok the Priest (borrowed from all British coronations from 1727 onwards) and a big dose of Vaughan Williams. And oh yes, lots of Bach, including a half-operatic St John’s Passion with everyone in jeans and the chorus and soloists wandering about. Worked beautifully.

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