Sunday, July 31, 2011

Adieu, lawn.

Tomorrow we take another step into the green by ripping out the lawn. It was useful when our kids were small, but became a thirsty weed-patch over the years. And besides, our county (Santa Clara, California) gives rebates if you replace lawns with abstemious plants. The new landscape will fit right in with our solar panels, compost bin and (to complete the smug) Prius. Ah, that compost bin. We used to dig our compost into the vegetable patch, but we gave that up when animals started beating us to all the interesting vegetables. We still put appropriate stuff into the bin, but the level remains the same, and we notice some entry and exit routes. Oh well. Better to put the stuff into wildlife than into the landfill or down the sink. (But what do those animals make of the coffee grounds? Do they get a buzz? Stay up all night, or all day, as the case may be?)

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