Sunday, February 26, 2012

It's for the Birds

The environmentalists (eeeek-ologists?) of the Mouse Nation would be proud of us. Consider:
  • Solar panels 
  • A Prius with a bike rack 
  • Drip irrigation 
  • A compost pile 
  • And we’ve managed to dry our laundry in the Calfornia sun all winter (or at least make it less wet–it does need to be finished off in a sunny spare bedroom).

So why am I only using half the rack today?

See the shadow of the cherry tree, on the wall? Half our drying space is right under that tree, which is the launching pad and recovery suite for the scores of birds who have discovered that our pyracantha berries have reached that delicious point of fermented over-ripeness that can give you a quick buzz. So far, only two or three birds have crashed into the kitchen window, but others look as if they might fall off their bar stools at any moment–or park on the nearest cherry tree until they feel fit to fly home.

Not great for any recently washed clothes that might be hung out to dry right below them.

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