Thursday, December 8, 2011


People keep asking how well the book is selling and I’ll have no clue until the official sales figures come out. But it is getting some very nice reviews on Amazon, which led me into the sort of digging into Amazon’s brain that can drive one insane.

I wanted to see how Mousenet stacked up against other new hardcovers on Amazon and found that with its perfect score of six 5-star reviews – Ta Da! – it’s been a solid second or third. But not among the middle-grade books where it belongs. Oh no. Mousenet is for children 8 – 12, right? Whenever Amazon’s computers see an “8” they pop the book into the 6 – 8 age group (the next one up being 9 – 12).

This morning, five out of the six best-reviewed books in Amazon’s 6 - 8 category are officially for children 8 and up. Grrr.

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