Thursday, August 11, 2011

Dumpster diving

It's not something I ever expected to do–lurk in the parking lots behind stores and hunt through dumpsters. But I've done it about a dozen times in the last week, and got a good haul. No, this is not the symptom of a sudden economic decline. I'm after the boxes that bikes come in, and so far have accumulated about twenty. Yes, some of the bike shop guys have asked why I want their boxes. Am I going to build a fort, maybe? Or pack up the family bikes for a trip? When I tell them how the boxes are actually going to be executed, they look a little shocked, even though you'd expect bike people to be green enough to approve.

Here's what will happen.  One day next week I'll soak the pathetic remains of our lawn. Cover it with cardboard. Soak that. Top the soggy mess with compost (or other good stuff) and mulch. Plant, making holes in the cardboard where necessary.

I'm told it works.

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